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At DSA Kiosks, we have developed several products that enhance the experience at your venue or event. Our device-charging kiosks provide your visitors a unique service and also provide a new vehicle for delivering a brand's message.



DSA Kiosk has partnered with GoSol Power to create our outdoor solar-powered charging unit. This unit is capable of charging multiple devices while providing shade covered seating. The unit can also be fitted with up to 4 32" High Definition displays that are capable of delivering multiple brand messages to it's users.  On-board media players equipped with WiFi technology provide further options. All this is delivered by the units own, environmentally conscious, solar-power system. Without a reliance on wired power, this unit provides the ability to serve customers and deliver a brand message anywhere. 


DSA Kiosk has created an indoor charging kiosk that is capable of charging numerous devices while also creating a unique vehicle for putting your brand in front of it's users. This indoor unit can be fitted with up to 3 32" High Definition that are capable of delivering multiple brand messages. On-board media players equipped with WiFi technology provide further options. The display can be substituted with stagnant message boards. DSA Kiosks have been designed to allow custom branding of the entire unit. High-quality graphics can be wrapped on the body of the unit to further enhance your brand message. Seating options are available.

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Solar Cell Phone Charger